Fume Hood
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VAV System
Face velocity control system (Variable Air Volume) is effective automatic control system for displacement volume which protects the users from fume and creates pleasant lab environment.
Service Module
Various utility such as electricity, gas, water is available to apply at the post for user's convenient working environment.
Variable Type Door System
The first variable type door system in Korea for easier open/close with less power, organized sliding door below for convenient usage during experiment.
Safety Focused
Organized Air Foil and Baffle for exhaust heavy fume gas to protect user and safety glass and films are included for prevention of explosion.
Monitoring System
LCD Touch Screen is applied for Face velocity control alarm, control connected instruments, locking system and current Fume hood situation.
The work surface requires chemical resistance as well as durability. We apply High Density Phenolic Laminate Worksurface which meets SEFA 3 practice for Chemical resistance and EN 438 safety regulations.