Enclosed Reagent Cabinet
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Safe Storage
Main purpose is to safely store reagent and chemicals used in the lab in order to remove toxic gas and prevent indoor contamination.
Ergonomic Design
7 color LED logo light on the door front makes it easy to store chemical by its chemical characteristic and easy to distinguish.
Enclosed Structure
Blocking layer installed inside the reagent cabinet’sdoor allows outside air into the reagent cabinet and prevents inside air from leaking which prevents bad odor exhaust from hazardous reagents into the laboratory.
Duct Type
Secured inner back space optimizes air flowand with ventilation system, hazardous gas can be effectively removed.
Ion Cluster Type
Self-circulating type reagent cabinetdecomposes hazardous chemical gas from stored reagent through the ion cluster and returns to O2. Both economically efficient and high performance since it doesnot require ventilation system or filter exchange.
Carbon Filter
Hazardous gas can be effectively removed by choosing suitable filter upon the reagent stored in the cabinet.