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Safety Focused
Cylinder cabinet protects gas cylinder from external shock or danger. Install cylinder fastening device for prevention of cylinder drop out.
Trendy Design
Anodized round-shaped aluminum is used and SUS material at each side for classy design.
Integrated Manifold
According to user's request, it is available to install Auto-changeover manifold or Manual manifold.
Safety Focused
Keep security from visitor's access with embeded key handle and locking device. If fire occurs, it automatically shut down and locks itself to minimize damage from explosion of gas cylinder.
Convenient Use
Place reflective labeling sticker for high visibility under blackout for primarily prevention from danger. Also, it is easy to move cylinder In/Out of cabinet with folding foothold.
Gas Cylinder Bracket
For prevention of drop out of high pressure gas cylinder, gas cylinder bracket is installed. Every small and large cylinder is available. Also, it sbsorbs shock and have resistance from chemicals.